Green hydrogen

Taking into account that there may be an interest of the management of the Japan Pipeline Development & Operation of the Russia-Japan gas pipeline project in using their ready-made project for green hydrogen, it can be assumed that this project is the basis for the closest implementation of the systematic use of green hydrogen throughout chain from production to the final consumer.

The project may already in the near future become the first practical full-fledged functioning system for the production of green hydrogen, transportation, network use in everyday life by the population of Japan, industrial enterprises, transport, generating companies. All organizational, technological data for the implementation of such a project will become global standards, will serve as a model for the formation of uniform technological standards, development of all mechanisms for regulating interstate relations for the development of mutually beneficial green hydrogen projects, streamlining legislative and legislative initiatives in government structures to ensure the implementation of similar green hydrogen projects. It is quite possible on this basis to form a unified intellectual property system for use as a commercial product. For any innovative projects of global importance, it is important to have initiative groups, systemic long-term various forms of investment. In this case, participation of many investors of various levels interested in the project is possible, for whom the real prospect will serve as a motivation for investing through the already existing fundraising mechanisms.




Green energy and new digital technologies

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Effectively be

Effectively be

Green energy and new digital technologies

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