On November 13 Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Glasgow (COP26) ended, in which nearly 200 states took part. Text of the final document may be disappointing with its caution and lack of ambition, but this is precisely what shows a reasonable and consistent approach to solving the problems of climate change. Recent events related to the fever in the gas market only confirm the correctness of this approach. Unconditional is the gradual formation of new standards for a sustainable economy, the need for their universal application. A modern new reality is being formed, when leading positions will be associated not with the ownership of technological chains, but with the generation of these standards, the possibilities of forming a global space for the application of these standards and control over their implementation. In this space the main competitive confrontation will unfold, success in which gives an unconditional advantage.

The existing projects of the material economy based on renewable energy and the production of green hydrogen are of great importance for the formation of uniform standards. Although today their contribution against the background of the general picture is not so great, the mathematical data of the activity, which will become the basis for the formation of the rules of green taxonomy and a general scalable map of the application of such standards are of much greater importance. Transitional period may not show any material achievements; it is much more important to form a circle of defining and forming “rules”.

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Green energy and new digital technologies

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Effectively be

Effectively be

Green energy and new digital technologies

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